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How do I get started?

Request information via our web page for a free initial consultation to assess your student's needs.  Following the initial phone consultation we will schedule a 90 minute assessment to evaluate your child.  The initial tutoring assessment will determine the students skill level and a starting point for where to begin the tutoring process.


Will you work with my child's teacher/school?

I can be in communication with your child's teacher or school as little or as much as you desire


What kind of improvement can I expect for my child?

Although all students progress at different rates, you will see improvement in test scores, progress reports, and self confidence.  Most students have an improved attitude towards learning after working with a one-on-one tutor. 


Is there a required number of hours per week with your program?

After measuring growth of many students over the years, I have found that the best rate of tutoring success is a minimum of two hours each week to see progress in a particular subject area. 


Where does the tutoring take place?

After the initial consultation we will decide on the best location to help your student with his or her  tutoring experience.  The preferred location is from my home office, where parents are welcome to stay during the session.  An off site, location is also available in the Asheville area.  Tutoring in your home or other location requires a travel fee.


What are the rates for tutoring?

An assessment for your child is $40.00.  Tutoring sessions following the initial assessment are based on a rate of $35.00 per hour.  Students will require at least 2 hours of tutoring per week. 


What are your payment options?

Payment is due after each tutoring session.  At Asheville Tutor personal check, business check, or cash is accepted. 


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